How do I learn to draw realistically? – How To Draw A Lamborghini

How do I learn to draw realistically? – How To Draw A Lamborghini

There is really no better way to learn to draw than through trial and error.

You’ll never get this right the first time.

A lot is just luck on your part. Don’t get discouraged if the picture looks weird later on.

If you are still struggling with your drawing though, try going out for a few weeks or months.

You’ll get used to the changes and be able to do it easily.

Now that you know how to draw, what next?

How to improve your drawings

The most important thing you can do is to improve your drawing skills from practice.

You should be practice drawing with a pencil, stick and watercolour brush all the while learning basic brush techniques.

If you don’t have an extra one of each you should buy one.

In fact it will get you better faster as you’ll be able to draw realistically more consistently.

Another really good tip is when you start learning by yourself pick a small colour palette to practice with. This will help you refine your ability to draw.

It also shows how far you’ve come.

What techniques do you use most? What is your favourite? Comment below.

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