How do you draw a crocodile? – Wikihow To Draw A Truck

How do you draw a crocodile? – Wikihow To Draw A Truck

‘Crocodile’s not a real animal, but I’ve never seen it at a movie screening, so I didn’t think it’d be a good choice’

At first, the actress couldn’t believe her eyes: he was a real, live male crocodile, with a very recognizable snout. “I think that’s what made me the most nervous,” said Depp. “But he was perfectly cast. I don’t know why they thought I’d be afraid of these things, with such an obvious smile.”

A real crocodile is a big deal. “I could not have been more thrilled to be working with him!” said Depp.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest ‘This guy is a very authentic, great actor’ … Robert Downey Jr in The Wolf of Wall Street. Photograph: Allstar/AP

The film is based on the best-selling memoir of an ex-con known as Jordan Belfort. The screenplay was written by David E. Kelley (Crazy Stupid Love, The Kingpin). “This guy is a very authentic, great actor,” said David Harewood, the managing director of JMI. He had spent the past 25 years on the set of Mad Men – a job that involves making costumes and directing sets – and knew the ins and outs of working with the actors. “I’m sure that when he’s looking at the script, he doesn’t read it on screen,” he said. “He’s really a director.”

“When he saw the costume, he just looked at each of us on set like that ‘Wow’. I don’t think you get that with actors.”

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Depp has the right looks: he has a very unique appearance. “I think he knows that he works in a very unique environment,” said Harewood. “I think maybe that goes a long way towards what they want. To play a part in something that’s never been done before.”

But they might not have to go so far. “He’s not a natural actor. He’s very skilled,” said Harewood. “He’s very much prepared.”

Depp said after doing The Wolf of Wall Street, he would be doing lots of “horror,” not comedy. “I’d be playing a lot of really awful roles,” he said. “I mean, do I want to work with someone who can play that kind of stuff? Of course not. But I don’t mind working it, just as a hobby.”

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