How do you draw a easy unicorn? – Car Proportions

How do you draw a easy unicorn? – Car Proportions

I don’t. It’s a lot of stuff and all the stuff it’s connected to.

My question is about the fact that you were doing this as a “big picture” thing. You were doing the animation, and then you were doing the music, and then you were doing the sound design, and on top of all of that, you had to do all this animation. So how did you pull all these pieces together?

I’ve never done stuff like this before. For me it’s like a visual novel, because I know exactly what the animation is supposed to be. When you’re looking at the art in the manga, there’s a kind of direction; it’s like, “Well the characters are supposed to be this way here.” And so for me it’s kind of like trying to be as faithful to that as possible while still making this really big vision.

But it is kind of daunting; you are a visual artist but you don’t know what to draw.

That’s pretty much true. At first it was daunting, but it also wasn’t. I really wanted to make it something that was both funny and very important. And for me, something that was the same as a manga — but was something that I was proud of. And also, you know, just for me, there’s really nothing more important than making something that’s always interesting and that brings a lot of humor to people. And that’s been the goal.

So that’s in your mind?

Yeah, yeah.

And you also made this “super hero” film too?

Yeah. I mean, that was the plan all along. The Super Hero film is another movie that I’m happy about. It’s something that I’ve been thinking quite about and making a lot of plans for for the past seven months.

So it’s the two of you?


So they are sort of like brothers.

I mean, my sister and my dad.


But just in animation, I guess. They are both really talented people?

We are like brothers.

I think you were talking before with how “animation is an extreme artistic medium that has to be approached from different kinds of angles.”

Yeah. And so they are both artists and writers.

Yeah, you are both artists and writers and it kind of creates its own kind of tension.

Exactly! We are

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