How do you draw a Ford logo?

How do you draw a Ford logo?

What does it look like? Are you in a “Ford place?”

What the hell, I thought. Ford is cool as hell. But it sure isn’t Ford:

“Oh, dear,” I muttered. “I must go.”

I decided to get a cab instead, or, as far as I was concerned, the nearest thing to a cab. I called an Uber. They took me to the park, where the car was parked next to a sign that read “Ford place.” I asked for my keys, and they took them from me. I hopped into the car. The Uber driver had already taken off, leaving me in the dark.

“So, what do you think?”

“I’ve got this. My Uber ride back will be around 10:30pm.”

“Well, I’ll have a cab back, then.”

I went home.

I think the most important thing to know about the Ford logo is that it is a symbol, not a car. It’s about a person—a person’s identity—the person’s image, and I think that the Ford brand has been a symbol, a symbol that is, ultimately, not a car. Not only did I not get a Ford-branded car from Uber, but when I got the first Uber, there was a Ford symbol on the side. (I can confirm that at least, as a matter of fact, but I can’t think of a better way to put it now.) The logo also comes from my experience playing hockey in the late Nineties. The name “Ford” is also a hockey word—it’s the name of the hockey team for Mississauga, the hometown team of my brother.
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What I thought that I had understood as a child, and my experiences as a hockey player, is clearly not the case. “Ford place” is a place where hockey players go to practice. We go to the rink when we’re not on the road playing, to skate there, but we go there all the time, usually between 2-5 pm. That’s how we find time to go to the park, to watch movies, to go to the movies (my hockey memories are of a couple of seasons when the team would practice in the afternoon, in the winter when the arena would close for the summer.) If you want to drive to hockey games in Mississauga, chances are that you’ll have to park in a lot a fair bit, especially downtown, where