How do you draw a giraffe? – Top View Of Car Drawing Easy

How do you draw a giraffe? – Top View Of Car Drawing Easy

We have a drawing for that, but we’re not sure what shape you’ll want to go with!”

“That was quick. What about your giraffe-pony head? It wouldn’t actually move. It needs to be in a more organic fashion.”

“It’s an organic construct. It needs to stick to your head, no matter what. If my eyes tell me things are moving…”

“I see. I think you’ll be fine. I’ve done that a lot, though. How’s it going?”

Tobacco sighed, but he didn’t move. “Everything’s going good.” He could still hear her saying ‘good’ as he talked, but all he’d been able to hear was her heartbeat in his head. “Don’t worry.”

Crow glanced at a spot on the wall behind him and took a deep breath. “I’ll try not to let you die, but it’ll be tough. I’m afraid you’ll be in the spotlight from now on.”

He smiled, but it was like the man had gone cold. “I’ll handle that.”

“Good. See you around, I guess.” The doctor left quietly and quickly, but the woman in the pink dress sat at the table as usual.

“Hello. I presume you’re here just because you’ve been asked?”

“I suppose I am.”

“But, I’m afraid we have an appointment.”

Car proportions by rattrap587 on DeviantArt


“It’s a procedure we use in my department, but if I weren’t quite sure how we’d be able to complete it, I didn’t want to rush you to the hospital. I need you to understand the risks involved if you attempt to go through with this. Your eyes and ears may become damaged and the process may be uncomfortable as well, so be prepared for that.”


“You know, this shouldn’t be really necessary, because I’ll try and talk to the man next door, but they just gave birth to a baby. He’s an infant. Can you do anything about it?”

“I’m not sure. He came out healthy, I guess I could use a little help, as it’s my first job.”

“Then it would be best if my assistant could handle his care for you.”

“What sort of assistant?”

“A lot of people wouldn’t mind, except for me, because I’ve worked

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