How do you draw a Mustang horse easy?

How do you draw a Mustang horse easy?

Take a look at this photo and ask yourself why it is so pretty. That’s what I did.

It was a hot and humid Saturday, and my son was in the backyard, playing with his pony. He had been a little rough lately, so I decided to let him have a little fun. He took a look at my black and white photo and asked how I had drawn the horse. I had no idea how to draw the horse at the time. The closest I could give him was “You should run like a man” so I gave him the best advice I could to be sure he knew what we were after.

How to Draw The Horse

This is the basic sketch you should be making.

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Now you have a template to work off of. Now, that you have your drawing you can try putting the image in your head and creating your own style.

Draw a rough sketch in pencil and sketch a rough sketch in colored pencil. I drew my horse on white paper because I didn’t want it to have any color on him. A real person can be colored, but the image on a computer screen is a bit more obvious.

Next, you draw two sketches in green ink on a sheet of fine art paper. This will give you a rough idea of the shape you need to take the drawing.

Next, just draw a rough sketch of your horse in fine art pen.

Now that you have your sketch that you like the shape you have in mind add some detail to it. Remember, these drawings are about taking the sketch you like, adding some detail that will make the drawing stand out. When you have your horse drawn, place the drawing in your head. If you are using a computer, type what you want to draw in the box it comes in. You could say “I would like a blue horse” or “I would like a gray horse”

Once you see the result, draw more details.

Draw the horse on a white paper and color up the image using a marker. This will help you get a real feel for the art without drawing on a real horse.

Now go to a professional and have them take a look at your drawing, because they will see if they can come up with something different. If they can, make it a part of your future artwork.

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