How do you draw a simple gun?

How do you draw a simple gun?

I know, it’s an easy one to tell from their guns, right? How does a gun have a bullet attached to it? How does a .50 be able to shoot accurately? Does a knife go through two people at once? Who draws the gun? What’s the point of a bullet?

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From Wowpedia

“The night elves are my friends.” WoW NPC Lorekeeper Marwyn • (on record since March 15, 2007)

Marwyn, a level 87 night elf hunter, serves the Nightborne as a Lorekeeper in Orgrimmar.

Lorebook entry

Night elves: “The night elves were a proud people of elven ancestry, their ancestors having come from the deep forests, where they had evolved from human sapient beings to the savage creatures known as night elves. The night elves, also known as the elven people from the Highborne, were one of the five great nations of Azeroth, all of which were united in a single night elf nation.

Though their civilization had been destroyed, the night elves had lived for centuries outside of the confines of society. To this day the last remnants of their lost empire lie outside the borders of the human settlement known as Orgrimmar.

Now the humans claim the remnants of the night elven empire as their own, and are busy building their own empire.”

She has her own unique mount.



Night Lord : Achieve 100% completion of Loremaster missions.

: Achieve 100% completion of Loremaster missions. Loremaster : Complete the entire [Lorequest] scenario – “The Lost Caverns of Norgannon”