How do you draw realistic lips?

How do you draw realistic lips?

Do you think it’s difficult?

I’m very much a sculpting girl; when I start creating a sculpture I start from very strong ideas. That’s it.

I think it’s very hard with those types of lips — it’s very difficult. I think it’s harder to draw realism for a lot of lips than for others. The lips are like these weird little creatures. If I’m drawing two lips as one body it’s so hard to draw a human figure with two bodies. It’s like you have to do two different types of poses with it. It’s the same thing that happens with a lot of sculpting and paint-off techniques.

You’ve done a lot of sculpting over the years… which ones are you most proud of right now?

To me the most important one would probably be the Venus statue; that’s probably the best part of the sculpture. [I’m] proud of it, because it wasn’t easy to sculpt. It took a year to sculpt it; I tried for a year, but it didn’t work, and then I tried again, and it was harder. That was my most important sculpture.

For the other ones I don’t know, I was just very, very proud of them because they’re made of wood; it’s not just like a stone block. It was a wood block, and it took a lot of work.

Were any of your characters inspired by actual humans with real faces?
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Not quite. People come to me to sculpt real people, but with sculpting I always try to avoid people with faces. If I’m not satisfied I don’t sculpt them; I just sculpt them in clay, but they’re just clay bodies. To go into the mouth and then sculpt into a face is very difficult and very difficult to do.

Are you using clay instead of hard plastic clay?

Hard plastic clay. A lot of people are putting a lot of hard plastic clay into sculpting; it was harder to sculpt in clay. The clay is just so soft that you can’t sculpt it, so the best way to really sculpt the lips, I think, is from the inside out.

You’ve been active lately drawing and talking about comics, so what do you hope readers find in a graphic novel?

I hope they get to know me, or maybe they might be really surprised. You only get a feeling for characters by seeing them on the page; you don’t get a