How do you draw Yoda Easy?

How do you draw Yoda Easy?

How did you do with the blue and green and yellow shades? What do you want to do with the rest you’ve got?

What is your most recent project?

How did you feel when you finished the finished article?

As you might have suspected you’re an absolute geek. My main passion is Star Wars but I work with a number of other geek interests. I have a background in music as a musician and record producer. I’ve been able to create a few bands with the help of my wife, who is an accomplished singer/songwriter. So I work with some very unique sounds. I have a tendency to enjoy all kinds of different styles, whether it be classical, jazz, or any of a number of other genres. I really enjoy the mix!

My favorite composers are: Paul S. Kemp, Robert Johnson, and John Cage.

My favorite genres are: jazz, rock, funk, and the ambient music world. I love pop melodies and melodies with chord progressions (especially if the chords form chord tones). I feel that these melodies are the foundation and core of what can be described as classical music.

What is your favorite place in the world? And what is your favorite way to do business in Dubai?

My favorite place in the world is in India. I’m also very fond of all kinds of food from various parts of the world, but my favorite is chicken biryani. It’s served very tender and not too heavy a spice. In the UAE, my love of Dubai is due to: A) the weather and humidity, B) my wife and 2 kids, and C) the food. The food and atmosphere in Dubai is nothing short of heavenly. I love how the locals interact with the visitors on how they can experience their city.

In Dubai, you can experience anything from nightlife to night clubs to beautiful and intimate restaurants. It’s really the perfect place to party, have breakfast or even go for a stroll around the beach.

What is your favorite sport to watch?

I love football. I’m not big into football, but I have been able to watch every team played in Europe and the Middle East. I’ve always loved the game and I also like to play with my friends from overseas. It’s been my passion to get some footballing experience, so I’m definitely trying to get my feet wet in football as well!

Where do you get your most creative inspiration?