Do I need to go to film school? – Filmaker

Do I need to go to film school? – Filmaker

Yes, you should. What type of film would you like to do? There are lots of options. Make documentaries! Do I want to shoot a short film? Probably! Then go for it! And a feature. Are we going to be editing the film? No, I’m not. But don’t assume there’ll be a ton of editing. That’s just my opinion, and you should do what you feel right.

Do you prefer a short film style? No, I don’t. A few of my favorite films are short films. What do you like to watch while I shoot? Probably old movies. If you’re in your apartment, why not have a movie on? I don’t have time to watch it! We have a lot of great friends, do you have any film school friends to help you learn? No, I don’t, not really.

What’s your biggest pet peeve that people will bring up? That you’re not a woman! People think women aren’t smart enough to do jobs that are difficult and take a lot of time. I’ve seen women who are very talented doing a lot of things, but are under-employed. The only reason I know I’m a woman is the fact that I’m single.

One might say it is like having two faces: one that is a little more masculine than the other, and the other that is more feminine. There are many ways to approach these issues, and it is always up to the individual.

A friend of mine, who is about 5’3″ and usually in his 20s when he meets me for dinner, has found this balance between the “strong woman” and the “ugly woman” by trying on several different outfits. It seems as if, at some point in time, he reached a crossroads. On one side he was a girl who enjoyed the freedom and comfort of casual clothing, but as time went by the emphasis on looks and fashion started to get stronger. This can be summed up in his recent tweet with this statement:

What about the guys who look great in casual or work-appropriate clothes, but also can’t figure out how to dress for work? Or those men who are in a relationship who wear the same casual or dressy clothing for months at a time because it is just their relationship? Or the women who wear the same casual clothing for months at a time because their relationship is based around a relationship based around casual clothing?

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