Do you need a college degree to be a filmmaker? – Film Directing Techniques

Do you need a college degree to be a filmmaker? – Film Directing Techniques

Well that’s a tough question. Not every single filmmaker wants to go to college. But the vast majority of them want to. It can be hard to get into film school. Most aspiring filmmakers want to be able to get their start. A lot of students I know have the same question on their minds: Can I get an internship or a job on a movie set? Well the answer is yes. You can get an internship with the New York Film Academy and other film institutes. You can get a job at a studio in the New York area. There is a lot of opportunities available. You just need to know the right people. And one person you’ve got to be careful of is the person who knows the film’s most important story about the director.

Do you think that in this business directors are underpaid? Or not?
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It is a question that many filmmakers have. If you look at the wages in the movies that have been made for the last 20 years, I think there is a decent wage differential. But the people who make the most money are those with the highest film schools. I know people who are well-regarded directors at the top of their fields who make much less than any of the lower ranked people. In the film business, we live in a market economy, and you have to move forward and make money. The people who make really good movies are at the top of their fields at big studios and distributors, and they don’t have an advantage by being directors. The film industry isn’t like a high school where everyone goes to film school, they can go to any school in the world and not have an advantage.

Do you think that those who do not have a director are compensated at a disadvantage?

They are not compensated in an equal way. And that is because those directors who were hired in their position, those directors have been around the best, and those directors are paid the best. But what that says is that they have the best knowledge of what’s going on with films. They don’t have to be able to go into every studio every year and know what’s in the movies.

Do you think this has changed with the internet?

Not so much. It’s been a big part of the story for a bit. It made it impossible to stay in the industry for anyone. But what it has done is create a level playing field, and now all the people who are doing great work all over the world, they are

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