Does filmmaking have money? – Uncsa Film School

Does filmmaking have money? – Uncsa Film School

I think we have. If you don’t have the money to pay for the big-budget, Hollywood-made movies out there, like The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises, you have the chance to make things on the cheap.

If you really want to make this film, you really need to pay the bills. We need to build a small business to make a big impact for social justice. That’s what the film is about. That’s what you are making a living off of.

What is “The Watermelon Man”?

I had a bunch of different things that all fit into one. That was really hard to figure out. The first idea I had was to use a guy in a small town who has a thing about stealing watermelons. He’s on a date with a woman from a small town, and she’s stealing watermelons. They steal a lot of watermelons. He realizes he has this thing about watermelons and he goes into the watermelon field and steals some, which is kind of like a revenge thing.

How big of a part of the film is the town?

The town is just a backdrop. The Watermelon Man has his own plot to it. You could look at the town and say, “This movie is about watermelon thefts.” It would be a weird place to take a story.

What about the people who do their own small scale watermelons for fun?

You see people like me, taking watermelon-slicing into their own hands. It’s really fun. I love it. Just like The Watermelon Man’s story, it really has an ironic undertone that ties it all together. I’ve heard so many stories about people who do this for the social justice.

This movie needs watermelon-slicing. In fact, the film’s called The Watermelon Man 2.

Well, what kind of people would you see take part in these watermelons and what makes them take part?

I really want to see people who are going through the same exact thing. These are all people who are on the road and taking small stuff home and breaking into small stuff. They’re not really going out and stealing. It’s very hard for them.

Will there be any special effects in the sequel?

The Watermelon Man 2 has a lot of good effects. We have a lot of people who do special projects — a

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