How do actors get paid?

How do actors get paid?

In the UK, actors are paid in two ways: either by an agent (called a “solo agent”) or a company called a “producers’ group.” The most common group, called a producer group, is the one that represents the majority of the actors employed by UK studios. This group represents the producers, and the rest of the actors are represented by independent groups that act as agents, on the other hand. There should be no confusion about who is a “producers’ group,” because every agent will offer and the group are all the same regardless of the size of the producer, though they may not be as “successful.”

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Who are the major productions in the UK?

“The Beatles” will be available September 17: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on December 18, 2018 and “Doctor Who” is on January 13 in July 2019. Both are released in November.

How did we get here?

The European Union gave the UK the “exception” to its copyright regime in 2004, allowing the United Kingdom to export DVD productions that are not made in or created in the UK. For many European countries, that’s been a major driver for the industry, with films made outside or outside of the UK making up more and more of the overall picture. It’s also a big reason why film festivals like Venice and Berlin, which were once primarily for films shot outside the EU, now have very significant U.K. productions on offer.

On top of this, the European Union is also introducing new rules in the EU that will have an impact on the “exception”, with the EU Commission looking to require greater transparency and accountability from entertainment firms, though critics have called the rules overly vague, which could have a chilling effect upon other companies’ dealings in the UK. All of which is to say that, at some point, many UK films will have to come to UK shores, whether to get it made, or to make the EU work.

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