How do I become a successful filmmaker?

How do I become a successful filmmaker?

How do I become an entrepreneur? (Please tell me, what sort of questions will you ask me in this post; I am a very curious person.)

In this post, I will share with you my own journey from being in a struggling filmmaking world, to becoming a successful filmmaker. As you read the blog, I will show you, how to become a successful filmmaker – that is, how to start your own studio, how to work with the best, how to shoot a good movie, how to make a great film and so much more.

When someone tells you that he/she has done this, let them do it because you have no business being a filmmaker, but when these people, are telling you – not you but your mom – “don’t try and do this yourself” – I am pretty sure that she/he knows just how much of an impossible task this is because most of the people who are telling you, “don’t try to shoot a good movie”, are making films for money, and are not really trying to make movies. These people have no idea what they are doing and there’s nothing wrong with that, right?…

So how do you become the biggest Hollywood film financier? Don’t just jump head first in, there’s much more to this story I will leave to you as a reader after reading the post 🙂

What Do I need? An idea, a budget and a script.

I can say, you do not need to have an idea, a budget and a script. Most people who are talking about becoming a successful filmmaker only need to have that first thing. But a script is almost as necessary. If you write a screenplay, then you have an important thing in this world – your own movie.

Now, if you have a small budget, I suggest that you first consider writing an outline for your screenplay – and to do that you need to have a strong idea. And you need to know if you can write this screenplay or not, because the only way to know for sure, is to try and shoot a movie with it in this short period of time. I highly suggest that you do this project. This is an investment you are taking with the life of your life – so be it, no matter what the price it gets you.

Now, the first step to make a successful screenplay is to find a good script of yours. Here’s a great list of screenwriting scripts I came up with:

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