How do you become a cinematographer? – Filmmaking Salary

How do you become a cinematographer? – Filmmaking Salary

What is your dream project? What is your career path at this point in time?

Hollywood and the film industry at large rely heavily on cinematography. It’s a medium that relies on camera movement or composition, and as a result the amount of work required to become a cinematographer is extremely extensive, even when they’ve worked in other disciplines. In terms of my dream project, I really look to do photography more than anything. I have a knack for capturing subjects in a particular environment very organically, in a way that is so precise and so natural that I feel like I’m having an emotional connection to the subject to create a lasting image. My biggest goal in my career is to use cinematography to create a personal connection with people, which I believe is one of the most effective ways to engage a viewer.

What has been your most rewarding aspect of photography thus far?

It’s all about how the photography you choose to focus on affects you. There’s always a connection between the image you’re shooting, and the viewer. Some people get very emotional when they see that their image took a different path in color and composition than what they expected. But, it’s all about what goes into shooting an image and how you choose to use your skills within a given project.

There’s definitely still a ton of stuff I want to do before I hang up my camera, most of which I won’t discuss here, but in between my work with the Red Bull Bikes and with my own clients I’m always exploring creative avenues. I’m constantly working on a few projects, but it doesn’t feel right to say that any one of them is the most important I’ve done. For example, I spent four years doing portraits on the road with my family, all while touring and living by myself. I don’t think it’s healthy or sustainable for someone to be working full time just because they want to pursue photography. This work is very difficult and the time you’ve been spending away from family has been difficult for me in the past. I want to spend time with my family and be there when we’re not in the spotlight, but I don’t want to be trapped in an emotional state that makes me feel like it takes away from my ability to do my work.

In terms of the hardest part about photographing today, as something in general, it’s just how much you have to control. You can be a lot of things and a lot of the work you do has to be

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