Is becoming a film director hard?

Is becoming a film director hard?

How tough was that?

I think I had a much easier time than some of my friends. I got offered my first big jobs in the States with the USO and National Geographic and they came to me for the director of photography, and I was the first person out to try it, I think. It was just so much fun. The challenge is that I didn’t know what I was getting into, and this was really my first real movie job, and I had no idea what was coming. But I didn’t tell anyone. I think I did have a few people around me trying to get me, like you, when you get a really good job doing something. Some people are a couple hundred pages in, and some people are 200 pages in, and you don’t tell people before you see it. So, it’s hard not to get in the headspace of thinking you should tell them.

It’s a really difficult thing. It really is. And I’ve been lucky in that the job I got was one that was interesting to me and I was happy about, and even though it was difficult, it was really good. The first two years, I was actually happy about having something to do, like any good actor.

Can you describe being a child actor in the early 90s, and what the process was like?

Oh, hell yeah. You’re always trying to make it more interesting and more interesting and more interesting, you know? It was interesting to me to see other kids who were growing up in the 90s in real circumstances. Like, they were on acid all the time, they were on acid every day, they were drinking booze, they had a relationship. So it was really interesting to learn a bit about what life was like in the 90s, because it was one of the first places you were allowed to be yourself, to have that kind of access to culture.

Is there a difference now to when you started?

The thing about the 90s is, you have these other actors and directors now who are just doing it because they like it. It’s so much work to keep your head above water. It’s like, let it dry, let it float, all the time. But, at the same time, there is so much stuff, so many people are creating. That was very fun. And there was nothing like the experience I had back then!

So the role of director?

Oh shit, yeah.