Is filmmaking a good career? – Filmmaking Basics

Is filmmaking a good career? – Filmmaking Basics

It depends on the project itself.

What will I make?

The final budget for a feature film can reach hundreds of millions of dollars so the budget itself will be a factor at the start. The cost for each dollar is less important in general but is a factor to make sure the actors are satisfied.

You don’t have to make it as big as you’d like – just focus on producing a film that your talent can deliver. It’s worth putting out an advertisement to cast agents and producers so they know what you’re made of.

Have a great story and your film will have a chance to reach viewers who want to see more.

Actors love a good twist, something that will bring them on a wild rollercoaster ride, which is exactly what directors use to achieve the best results.

How was your first big film?

The first movie I ever did was The Lion King (1988). It was my first feature film and I was 23 years old and I loved it. I’m still young enough to think I can do amazing things!

I would love to go back and create a movie like that, only the script is different this time, I would try to write and direct that first. I like the fact that it was my first and that it was so big and huge!

I really do love movies but I also love to play video games, so I’ll probably make more stuff that I’m comfortable with!

Which of your work is your favourite?

Most of the films I’m involved in have been very special to me. It is all about the process – my work, my audience, and my team. Every day is something different and I hope to share that with the whole community.

I also like to think about how we can improve the process, what we can learn from the most successful films. That’s what makes me enjoy making great directors.

What is the most impressive thing about you?

I really enjoy the fact that people think my work is great! I want to take this message of being inspired and give it back to the fans.

How do you find a balance between your work and personal life?

At the moment I do all my work in a busy, full-time studio where I’m able to do multiple projects a day so there is always one that keeps me busy.

But there is a small house in Northern California for me to live in

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