Is filmmaking a good career?

Is filmmaking a good career?

As the old maxim goes: “the most important thing is not the job, but the job itself.”

This is a particularly good time to rekindle that old question. After a decade of steady rise in earnings, film work has lost much of its importance among Americans. It’s hard to overestimate the financial burden filmmakers have taken on for decades.

On top of production costs, there are many other expenses associated with making films. This includes insurance, insurance policies, transportation, storage and travel. And, of course, lawyers.

Even with this daunting list, most of the work done in American cinematic studios is considered essential to the making of a good movie. But now, with the rise of online production platforms, we’re in for a real challenge. The quality of a production becomes much more dependent on its online distribution — and how much talent it has.

There are plenty of examples of successful filmmakers who didn’t have access to the tools of the world in the past. But today, it’s going to be much harder for new companies to emerge and grow their business — and much easier for established players to stay in the game.

Rajko Grlic — Underground Ohio University Film
You may think there’s an easier way to make a good movie, right? You just need a big budget, lots of stars and a whole lot of talent. This, to me, is wrong.

You need to invest in the people behind the camera. I’m all for it, and for many people, the most valuable way to invest in their career is through their artistic abilities and passion for making movies.

I think the key to the Hollywood renaissance is the way these filmmakers are using the skills they learned in school to work on movies they believe in. Some of these people are turning to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, where they’ve found an audience of creators and potential investors who trust their ability to create.

You’ll notice some of these studios and filmmakers who have been using Kickstarter as a platform are doing well — like the Kickstarter for the film “The Invisible Man” which raised $150 million in its Indiegogo campaign.

But the reality is it’s still very much a test ground for new businesses and projects. You can have good movies made by experienced and talented professionals — the ones behind the cameras. But it’s going to take a lot more talent to make a hit.

What makes a good movie?

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