What is filmmaking course? – Common Filmmaking Techniques

What is filmmaking course? – Common Filmmaking Techniques

In a nutshell, it is a course in filmmaking where students learn the fundamentals of making a film and how to make a feature. It is a combination of classroom and on-set experience as well as the experiences of other students. The two main components of a film class is production and post production!

Producing has its own set of skills and is not just about editing a film. Students learn to take a shot, what camera to use, how to capture the look and feel of the environment you are creating, and how to plan on using the film and how to properly post it. All of these skills will be put to use in finishing the project.

Post production is a huge part of making a film that is equally as important as making the film. It involves making sure the final product looks its best and how to make sure all technical aspects are in order. There are a lot of options and it’s up to the student to decide which one is best. For most teachers the post process is not their primary concern.
Post Production is a Creative Job - Timepass Fun

Both the pre and post process are done with a team and the two are usually taught together. There are two ways to create your movie so both have strong strengths and weaknesses. A video school may focus on the visual and audio aspects of a film, but the actual writing part, which is mostly the editing, is taught by a professional with decades of experience. It isn’t as easy to find an experienced writer as there is no shortage of people trying to get their hands on the best writers in the business today. The other side also takes time and effort to perfect so it has to be done well before shooting the film in order to show it off to a film jury.

I’ve been teaching on the side for a long time now and I’ve learned some interesting things along the way. One of the best things I learned was that all of my students have had the same goal in achieving it-

“In order to make it, we want to turn to the best movies we can find.”

This is why I always tell my students that they are the main reason I am here and that they have a big part in telling the world how I love film making and what makes a great film. When I teach people my story they are my story. I can’t have it any other way.

As for my own film journey, it started out with a small one part sketch project that had very little idea of how the movie would turn out. I

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