Who gets paid more actors or directors?

Who gets paid more actors or directors?

And can we trust that they will do their jobs (or hire them) in a fair and reasonable manner? In their words:

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No one will get less than the other because a director or actor has a better agent or will come in with more financial backing.

But of course money can’t be an adequate reason for why the industry will continue to produce inferior or even worse projects when they have to pay someone to do it. I can make a very good living and will always make a good amount for my film, but I’ve seen great actors come and go and I’m happy in the industry (that’s one of many reasons I made NOS4A2). I can say this now, but I will continue to say it until I’m dead: directors of films shouldn’t get paid more than anyone else (and I mean that very much in this quote from this article). A good director can be paid more or be given a lesser script.

That said, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that it wasn’t for money that I produced this film, but for freedom to do what I want with it (read the full discussion here, and also for this post by Ryan, here).

I could have made even less money but for a couple of people who didn’t work with me (and for people who didn’t agree with me when I took the risks I felt I had to take to get my idea to life).

A few years back I read a post by a director who described how he decided to be a single screen director and still make a living by being a single screen director. If one of the actors that I cast was in the film only for his own ego, then the director’s idea of “a good actor” was to play that role. The director was not going for a big-budget, blockbuster picture (which I don’t think he has ever been at any point) nor was he wanting his film to appeal to an audience outside his local area (which is the key factor that I see a lot of directors (and also stars) falling for. He’s a nice guy but he’s no Angel Haze!). The point was that the director wasn’t trying to achieve commercial success with his film and he and the producer were going to produce it.

But at the end of the day — and remember what I said at the beginning — the film needs to make money, and it’s not a bad idea to be ambitious on that