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Who is the Boss of a movie? Is a movie a character? Is it a business? Is it a dream? Are we making money? I don’t know but I am really glad you asked that question.

I didn’t know about this yet but as we are getting close, I am taking part of my own money for The Big Sick and am also taking on some of the finance cost. The film is called The Big Sick because it’s got an unusual angle: we’re talking about it in the context of a major scientific and medical story but it’s also a love story – we want to make this happen before our kids are born so they will have the chance to meet it. So how about that?

So will we use any money we sell to fund the film?

Our first target of $25,000 will go to us to finish the audio mix. Once that comes in, we have a little break. My girlfriend is working now, and I want to work with a team that is a little lighter on a day-to-day level. But after that, it gets heavier. We’re trying to keep the budget low and if we find that, we’ll work towards it. You see, The Big Sick is a love story – you can see why we’re wanting to tell it.

The Big Sick is on release in the UK on 14 December, US on 15 December and Australian on 16 December.

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A few months ago, I was visiting a friend and his family in Hawaii when I noticed that they were making a special Hawaiian version of the classic Mac n Cheese.

So I said “hmm, what would it be?” My husband was like “why don’t you try it with some sweet potatoes instead of onions?”

The answer? Mango Chutney!

Oh man, that was a delicious, and really simple idea. The next morning, my husband and I had a delicious, and healthy Mac n Cheese that we can’t wait to share at holiday parties when everyone wants to share something sweet!

Now, before you start to question the integrity of my blog, let me assure you, I am in the habit of eating all the mac&cheese and sweet potatoes/onions I get my hands on.

But after we tasted the mac & cheezy combination…we couldn’t stop.

The best part is…it was

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