Can a person learn to sing?

Can a person learn to sing?

This can be one of all the great questions you are going to face in this life. However, the answer is no. Only children learn to sing. For us adults, we only learned to sing a little bit, and to sing well, so that when we are older we wouldn’t have to sing, but what we really love doing is singing, and we really can, but it’s so much more complicated than that.
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There is a saying, when you learn to sing, you will understand everything but only your audience will understand it.

This question brings me to a topic that I don’t want to start off with… there is so much that people don’t know about, and it really is a mystery to me, so I think it’s only right to start off with a question here.

Why does a voice sound funny?

This is a difficult one. For a person, it may sound funny to have a funny voice.

I think this happens naturally, if they are happy with themselves and what they are doing, then no, I don’t feel it is funny to have a funny voice.

Many people think that the reason for a voice looking funny to begin with is a fear to have a voice that sounds bad. I do believe this is true, because a little girl might look scared to begin with, as she can see that people are laughing at her, and that has to do with it.

I think that it can be a natural consequence sometimes, however it must look at you if you know what is wrong with you.

Is there anything different about singing than normal music?


I am often asked, well why do I sing when it’s not normal?

The difference between a human voice and a human voice is, they sing more often than normal, they sing more with emotion attached to the voice, and they sing with a purpose.

I am also told that singing doesn’t really help one’s confidence, that it helps to hide an anxiety and fear.

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