Can I learn to sing in a month?

Can I learn to sing in a month?

Yes! To begin your learning journey, you will need to have completed the First Level of the Lesson. The next step is to learn the Songcraft skills to make music.

You may wish to contact your school, library or other group who will offer free lesson time, or if you are looking for other music lessons in your community. There are several available programs:

If you have a desire to learn guitar or bass, there are also other programs for people of all ages.

Can I learn more instruments/beats and improve my listening skills?

Yes! You do NOT need to learn to play a guitar or bass to participate in this course. While a guitar or bass is not required, you may practice your scales, scales-with-chords, and chords from the beginning of the course.

You may also look into Music in the Classroom.

Why am I learning music?

Music is an expression of emotion that stimulates life in a myriad of ways. It is a tool of communication and expression to a wide range of people. It can also be an outlet to help you cope with stress, sadness, fear, anger and loss. It can be an emotional outlet and a means to create a connection with others.

Does the music you learn in this course have any connection to my work?

Many of the exercises are based on techniques and compositions that have been performed in the past. If that is the case, the work is likely not intended for use in the classroom.

What happens if the lessons aren’t interesting enough?

If there are aspects of the lesson that are not interesting, students may be asked to skip it and move on. You can request more information about this or leave a comment below

What does music sound like?

The lesson will teach you about music as we know it from composers and musicians. It will also explore the evolution of music through music history. There will also be exposure to other forms of music as the lesson progresses in order to help you develop your listening skills and develop your understanding of music theory.

What kind of music is in this course?

The lessons will provide you with a variety of music genres that have been created in recent decades. They will also include works and works that have been well-loved over time. This course is targeted for people of different musical backgrounds and different times. It should be interesting, inspiring and stimulating for all.

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