What are the 6 types of voices?

What are the 6 types of voices?

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This is a difficult question, because a single phrase will often make a person think twice, or more. In addition, they may feel their entire personality has changed as a result so they may not be able to tell the difference between their old personality and the “new” personality. If it is a man, it’s likely that his voice changes after age 60. If you know that it is a middle-aged woman, it is likely that it will not change, either. When we’re talking about how a change in voice may occur, it is called “translocation” or “translocation-to-voice change,” or some term that will describe the process.

First, many people will find their voice to be quite different from the one their parents heard. They have not only gone through the changes, but their personality is likely going to be changed as well. Many will then tell they wish there were more women in their voice as they believe they’ve “changed” into that voice, just like they changed and became what they considered “perfect.” While this may be true, if the voice is changed in any way when it is younger than 60 or 60+ during the change, the voice may then seem different after age 59.

It’s true that as we age voice pitch can change. When we were young we would sing “somewhere” as we were learning to sing “my words,” and “now I’m singin’,” or even “you” (which we don’t sing anymore) which is a different tone from what we sang when we were young. This difference in tone is caused by the shape of the voice. If it is a man, his voice likely comes in a “flattened” form. It will have an airy, almost wavy, shape. There is a difference between the kind of voice we had when we were younger and the kind we have now, so a male may sound more grown up on the surface. However, when you’re talking about someone whose voice is more mature, if you compare their voice to someone younger they will sound similar. What they sound like on the surface may change the entire tone and quality of the voice as they have learned to “sing more adult” in order to be accepted as an adult.

You can read more about the differences in voice pitch between men and women here.

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