What are the 6 types of voices?

What are the 6 types of voices?

There are 6 types of voices:

1. Silent

2. Vocalised

3. Natural

4. Emotional

5. Focused

If you are a natural person, you will listen to what is true to you and then make the best judgement you can. If we have to wait then we’re very open-minded and are usually open-minded about what is true, but will wait for certain things before we commit to something. When we choose to commit we tend to do so with a lot of deliberation. Some people might be quick to commit to something and some other more hesitant.

1. Silent

These are the sounds you make when you’re not thinking. You do not speak in this manner. A natural person is more comfortable than a person who speaks out. If you’re using voice recognition software, you might be able to find your voice using it. Just to be safe, make sure you know the difference between the word ‘s’ (silent) and ‘e’ (emotional). It’s the same with ‘th’ and ‘th’ and ‘h’, they’re all different sounds. You can find words like such as ‘sounded’, ‘feeling’, ‘thought’, ‘thinking’, and ‘feeling’ in the voice recognition software.


It’s your voice being heard by someone else. There may be a person nearby who is able to understand you. For people who are speaking, sometimes they may only hear ‘s’ or ‘e’. There are usually a few people nearby that you can hear.


You do not have to make any other sound other than ‘s’ or ‘e’ that the computer decides is natural. In fact, you don’t have to make any other sound!


Your voice is like a focus. This is your voice being focused on what you are talking about or doing. Usually you are trying to persuade someone to give you what you want or are making that you’re telling them something about yourself.


It’s when you feel something. If you think of an activity or activity on your mind, you might get into the emotions and thoughts. You’ll be more likely to sound emotional when you’re being confident and telling your story.

Focused is also usually a lot more personal. There’s often lots of things going on in you when you have a focused situation.