What is the meaning of pitch in music?

What is the meaning of pitch in music?

If we ask the question, ‘What does it mean to be a composer or to write a piece of music?’, the first thing that comes back is usually the piano key: ‘it’s a piano key, I know that’. That’s one of the things that they know. But, because they’re only listening to music that is already in the hands, they tend not to try to explain it to you, or talk to you or ask you questions.

I think that this is where a big problem comes in – they’re not really going to explain what music is, how it comes form the soul, why do it work exactly how it does, why are certain things happening to this song that are different from other songs? Or why can’t I put my keys together and just hit piano and make a track that’s a little bit different from the other melodies that go on there? Because they don’t know about any of that.

So, why bother?

It is a question of self-knowledge: it’s about being open to being inspired. Or what you can learn from the music. There are always people that are more knowledgeable on anything with a history, a literature, an ideology they understand better than you. So it’s about opening yourself up to different perspectives on what you know about music, about things that you don’t.

You get an idea for what to write when you start to understand the language of a piece of music. The way it sounds or the way it sounds in its context means nothing to you.

It could be quite a different music for a certain part to your background. Some people might write the melody of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony for their grandparents’ piano, but it isn’t quite going there, and they don’t know what that’s saying. They know it as a piece of musical history, and they like it, but they don’t know what it is saying, when someone says that.

So, I’m trying and that’s the way that I’m trying to be, where I try and think of some piece of music that might sound cool and be fun for me to play.

Are you a musician like you describe yourself as?

I’m someone who uses music and has a love of music. I have a big passion for music. I don’t have the money, obviously. So, I get to do it with a huge amount of skill, because it’s a massive part of my life. It’s not