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What is the rarest female voice type?

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Male or Female Voices by Age and Level

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Some people think that all babies are born with male voices. There’s no hard data to support that fact, but most experts agree about the general trends of the age of voice. Babies that are born with male voices are born to older, typically more educated parents (a combination that can often lead to a more male voice type). At the other end of the age spectrum, babies that are born with female voices in the third trimester and above are usually born to younger, typically less educated parents.

Here we have an overview of the most popular male voice types in all ages (and levels). We also have a breakdown of the most popular female voice types (as well as the most popular for all ages) for all age groups. This is also a great place to compare which voice types are the most popular for older listeners, those with lower- or no-education levels, and those whose voices sound more “cute” than the other voice types.

The charts below do not distinguish between children and infants or between adults and babies. We also don’t differentiate between male and female voices, only between adult and baby female voices.

Male Voice Type Popularity Level Male Age (Mean) Adult Voice Type Popularity Level Male Age (Mean) Babies and Young Children 4,500 + 0,600 + Male Adults and Baby Girls 8,800 + 1,700 + Male Adults and Baby Boys 14,100 + 1,900 + Male Adults and Baby Girls 26,400 + 2,700 + Female Adults and Baby Girls 41,500 + 3,200 + Female Adults and Baby Boys 64,000 + 3,500 + Woman Male Voice Type Popularity Level Woman Age (Mean) 1,500+ + 1,700 + Woman Adult and Baby Girls 9,100 + 1