What is tone in music terms?

What is tone in music terms?

The word “tone” is a contraction and a way to indicate the rhythm and volume level of a song.

The definition of tone as defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is:

a range of sound intensities from low to high

A song’s tone is what people are listening for.

Why does a song need to have tonal characteristics?

One of the biggest differences in human auditory perception between languages (including modern and traditional) is the difference between pitch as defined by pitch charts and tone as we know it.

In a scale of low-to-high, pitch is a function of loudness and softness. A scale that starts with A is A, but that is not exactly what we mean by “A”.

For example, in a melody from the old Soviet film Kuznetskaya, which has been recorded by Vladimir Horowitz, this is what the line starts off looking like.

Here’s another example, sung in a song called “The Man Who Cried Wolf”. This is a song from the Soviet folk tradition called Piotr Niezdar’s Folk Songbook.

Here is a line of the same melody, but written in English, showing how different the pitch is from the Western standard scale. In the Western scale (Dm), the low toneless root is A, with all the notes above this root.

The Western scale (A flat major) has the low tones B, G and Eb. The high tones E and D are the fifths of A flat major. The low tones Bb are at the fourth of the scale, with the notes above this pitch, as an extension to A. The tones Cb and Db do not exist in the Western scale.

The tone characteristics, with pitch as a function of loudness in the Western scale.

So the pitch in a song has a difference from the pitch of the tune?


The melody used in your song has some features that are similar to the Western scale (Dm and A flat major). The chords are not exactly the Western chord progression for the chord scale Cm7. The melody also contains the same high notes, including the seventh – Db, which is not seen in the West.

What about the high notes?

The chord progression is not really the same either.

The chord progression in the melody for the song is a very difficult progression