Can you talk without lips? – Ventriloquist Skills

Can you talk without lips? – Ventriloquist Skills

I know they’re still there, but what about a hand and a mouth. Can you touch without lips? I’m really curious, and I love it. I’m not sure I’d even notice, unless I was trying to catch the tiny little dots flying around in your palm…” (Laughter)

“I am a very nice person!”

“You are a very nice person!”

“I just thought… what does that mean?”

“What do you mean?”

“I just said ‘what do you mean?'”

“I told him that I do feel some kind of way, and that I want to hear him explain why.”

“I do feel some kind of way. What do you mean?”

“You’re the only person this ever makes sense!”

“No, not at all. But… what does that mean?”


“But why?”

“You’re my boyfriend, remember? Do you not trust me to tell you why?”

“Yes I do! It does mean that I trust you, for sure!”

“Good. I guess I could be suspicious, if you were hiding some kind of… thing that was just really confusing to me.” (Laughter)

The most famous “sick” joke in the world is known as the “Gorilla Mindset” joke. This is another variation on the standard joke, and it is the second most famous joke in the world! People often say it as an after thought, a comment that they just made as “weird!” in reaction to hearing somebody else make the same joke. The jokes about Gorilla Mindset are sometimes used in situations where people with an obsessive thinking disorder are being “treated”. When these people are talking about their personal beliefs, they say that their personality is like a gorilla mind-set. In fact, the Gorilla Mindset joke is very often used in response to people that claim to be “crazy like a gazelle.”

What makes a Gorilla Mindset? It’s a mental state or trait (or combination of a mental state and a behavior) that is extremely unique and unique because of how unique it is. It isn’t really a mental state, only a personality trait; a unique behavior that has been found to work. A lot of people have had some sort of mind-set which they felt was the one they chose to have; a Gorilla Mindset is

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