Do Cat and Robbie end up together?

Do Cat and Robbie end up together?

Is she finally getting over being a bad mom?

We can’t say exactly. There is no plan. But, it’s in the works. We can’t be 100 percent sure of anything — of course not. But we are planning to do more of these. We’re thinking about doing a couple, for sure. She’s getting a haircut, and then maybe we’ll do like, an all-out dance-off.

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What do you think of Portman’s decision to let her kid go?

It was a hard decision, I know. Because I’m very protective and have tried to do the best thing for him, so I’m just as shocked as his mom because, you know, he’s always been with me and it was just, “Well, I can’t do it.” She had a lot of faith in me as well, and I appreciate that, but at the end of the day, we just weren’t going to make the decision. But I felt for her, and I think a lot of kids do. She’s trying to do the best for a kid and, you know, she’d been through it, and it’s just, you know, I don’t know.

What do you think of Portman’s new haircut?

I don’t think it’s a bad haircut, but I am more than happy with her new haircut. I’ll take the blowback of it.

AUSTIN — It didn’t take long for Texas Gov. Rick Perry to announce he was running for the Republican presidential nomination. Charlie McCarthy Dummy Ventriloquist Doll Most Famous ...

“I’m a Texan, and I know what Texans look like,” Perry said Sunday at a campaign stop in northwest Fort Worth on the eve of the state party convention.

“So that helps explain why I’m running.”

What Perry didn’t say on Sunday is that he is known for two things, and neither of them are Texas.

The first is money.

Perry has become perhaps the wealthiest of all the potential GOP candidates for president, according to the New York Times. He has made at least $11.5 million in political contributions and has given more than $14 million to state and national party committees.

Perry’s second characteristic, which also is not Texas, is that he is from Texas.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is not much of a Texas boy