Do Cat and Robbie end up together?

The best way to think about this: It’s like when you see a car with three headlights and all three of those headlights are in different colors, and that car could pass for a Toyota Camry. At this point in my life, I’m looking for that car at all these times — and that’s not a car I’m going to take without a deal.

The worst thing about our first interview was my lack of respect for my new life.

What were you like as a child?

I’m not a kid — I remember playing baseball, wrestling, riding horses, running with the bulls, playing in the big leagues with my dad and my mom. I remember riding my Harley to school and getting in the hot tub with my mom.

Was your mom on your team?

She was a really good sports agent, so my dad was always supportive, but her relationship with me was strained. Maybe I was too young or not as good. We always used to talk about sports and the big leagues, but we didn’t share that passion. We wouldn’t fight over a girl or a boy. My mom’s life was so regimented and I was a pretty sheltered kid. I couldn’t imagine how anything in my life would change and how much it would be altered, because everyone would change.

What were your parents like?

Dad was really strict. For a year, we didn’t get along. My dad would call me every night after school saying he had something going on or he had to go to work. He thought what he was doing was right until [someone] got hurt. He’d scream at me and yell at me. I would hate that. After the first year of his strictness, I got in trouble because I was playing baseball with an ugly baseball bat. He got mad because I got suspended from school. That was my introduction to the world of discipline. I loved him.”

How did your parents react when you first announced you wanted to be an actor?

I wasn’t sure if it would happen at all. My mom was excited for it, but her emotions were mixed because she was in the middle of being in love. I used to joke with her that I was her first boyfriend, because I was the first guy who was there when she lost it. I used to think, Why did I think I was that guy to start with? But the moment I hit that big door at 16, she was like, Oh