How do you make a puppet? – Is Ventriloquism Real

How do you make a puppet? – Is Ventriloquism Real

You need a big fat glue gun with a huge amount of glue for the legs to stand on and a stick of plasticky stuff to stick to this.

The glue gun does not have any holes to use as sponges so there is no way.

But we can make lots of tiny “sponge” things with glue. First we paint them black (and stick them on) then glue them on to the legs. There are a couple of good tutorials, like the one for How To Make a Plastipoepy Thing by Peev and Dizzy that explains how.

To assemble the legs, we simply add plasticky-stuff to the legs. Make sure they are as high up as possible so they can sit on the glue-gun, to avoid smearing the glue in places.

The next step is to glue the head and eyes onto the arms. This can be done by glueing onto the glue-gun a little piece of plasticky-stuff, or to make it easier we try and glue them to the glue-gun so it can’t fall off.

You can also make a “puppet head”. In this case we just glue on a couple of tiny screws at the bottom:

We use a large glue gun to paint the glue on the arms. Make sure you can see the whole gun and the glue gun, as there is a lot of glue to be squeezed and blown in.

The eyes are usually placed at the bottom since they need to be quite tight against the top, in order to fit into the eye-socket. If you can’t see the eyelids, you may have to push them down. The screws can be a bit tricky to get to, so you may need to practice.

Some puppets don’t look like they are supposed to sit on the arm. To avoid this, make sure the head can be easily manipulated, as this creates the illusion that it is sitting on the arm.

Assembling a new puppet can be a hassle sometimes, so we try and be as nice as we can to the original. The first step is to attach the glue-gun to the base of the head so that it can rotate.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of glue to attach, like we mentioned before it only requires a couple of tiny screws:

Before we glue the arms onto the body, we glue some more glue onto the arms, to

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