How do you move your mouth when talking?

How do you move your mouth when talking?

Your mouth moves about four inches, so, if you move it four inches, it’s only a foot across the room, which is a little slow. The reason you talk so much is that you’re going to lose your train of thought. So if you have any difficulties sitting and talking, it’s very difficult to talk. If you’re really trying too hard, you’ll never get a word in edgewise.

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You have to be self-disciplining when you have to talk. If you want to sit and read, go sit, read, you sit; if you want to sit and talk, you have to sit, sit, sit.

You’re always thinking, so you are always talking. But if you keep thinking all the time it’s going to be difficult.

Why didn’t you want to be a writer?

My first reason was because I didn’t like being alone. But then I’d also think, ‘Well, if I’m doing this for myself, that’s not much of a motivation.’ There was some writing there, but I had no confidence in myself. I don’t have any confidence in myself now. I have to be grateful for what I have now because I didn’t have it back then. This will only continue. That’s another reason.

So why are we talking about it now? Why do I care?

I think it’s because we’re talking about ourselves and making sure that we’re saying things the way we feel. This is a different matter because the purpose of our life is to get better. And when we say things that are contrary to reality it means that it’s going in the wrong direction.

Why did you want to speak at the Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Summit this year?

I was called in to speak at Equality United because I was the only black woman in the board of directors of that organization that day. On the one hand I could see how I could make a difference because of this organization, but also because I was able to speak from a black perspective. I wanted to make sure I communicated with the other people of color there about how being black is the right position in America.

There was a lot of people who weren’t thinking of racial issues. That was the difference.

How would you respond to the idea that in some respects, people think all black people want to go to jail?

If you say all black people want to go to jail you