How do you talk without moving your mouth? – International Ventriloquist

How do you talk without moving your mouth? – International Ventriloquist

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It’s a difficult problem to understand as it’s a language. I think it’s a real cultural challenge. The most common way I’d describe it to people is to say the same words over and over and over and over again and they don’t get it. I think that sometimes I’ve said it wrong, it’s very much a problem we have in the United Kingdom.


Your latest role, ‘The Wire’ is the first period piece to be directed by a woman. Are British dramas in general a man’s medium?

I don’t think you can really categorise them that way as I think the majority of British drama is directed by men. The British genre, to me has been very masculine for a long time. You know, my first job out of university was directing ‘Hitchcock’. So in terms of genre and what you want to do, I think the main thing is you want to do anything you can to try to be original. And I think, you know, I think there’s a good balance, I think there’s some incredible scripts, like ‘The Imitation Game’… [Laughs] I mean, I didn’t want to go down that path because I thought that the scripts were the ones that were so obvious. You know, the kind of genre scripts that people are doing in Hollywood nowadays…I was really interested in the things that go on in the real world.

What about the way your characters speak, do they just talk?

[Laughs] Yeah, I think they’re really talkative. I mean there was a scene that was filmed where I was sitting, and they were talking and I was just sitting in his lap and he had this little thing going on in his pants and I was just sitting there and I thought to myself: ‘God, the people who are writing these scripts have to be joking.’ Because I do love all that, I’m a really great fan of comedy and I know a lot of comedy and I do love all of the genres of comedy but I would rather have that happen with me in the scene.

Is there a moment when you think ‘I wish I could just say what I’m thinking, so that no-one else hears my voice? Or not get it from anyone? Because then I could have to work on what it means to communicate so I would say it.’

Yeah, with the character of Andy. I think, and I don’t know if I’m the expert

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