How rich is Jeff Dunham?

How rich is Jeff Dunham?

A friend recently told me that Jeff Dunham was paid $10,000 by his mother and that his mother was actually named Shirley Dunham. Jeff Dunham, a billionaire who’s already spent well over a million dollars in this campaign, has already spent over $2 million in the general election. So why, then, when the election reaches close to midnight on Nov. 4 and there’s no real opposition to Barack Obama, would Dunham spend almost $100,000 to make an appearance at the GOP debate? It seems strange to think that he’d be so foolish as to attend an election party. If, to be fair, he did want to participate in a debate, why would he spend $10,000 a pop to make an appearance rather than give money to a charity in his hometown of Atlanta–it costs about a little less than $10.

But that’s what we know today. We don’t know as much as we wish we did.

Now, I don’t know how Dunham gets away with all of this. Certainly we don’t know what his net worth is, or if he even knows it and we all assume it’s something that he’s hiding and that he’s able to conceal. It probably makes perfect sense for a man as rich as him to be able to avoid spending any money on a campaign. So, too, it makes sense for him to spend money to make a good impression on the Republican candidates who are supposedly seeking his advice. And of course, we don’t know exactly how many debates a person like Dunham could have, or how many debates he’d be willing to go on if necessary. We do know, however, that while he’s on such a high media schedule that he’s probably on his phone or tablet all the time, he doesn’t want people to know how big of a man he is, especially since he says he’d be spending a lot more time doing publicity-related things from his home in Georgia.

That’s probably part of what has him spending so much money on an appearance–he’s doing it because of an endorsement.

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But what does this all have to do with Barack Romney? The answer to that question becomes obvious when we look at the relationship between Dunham and Romney. Dunham has known Romney almost exclusively since 1995, when he was a member of the school board of Newton West High, in Newton West, Massachusetts, where he and his family lived. A source said that Dunham often visited with Romney and his wife, Ann, in Newton West over the