Are ring lights good for video?

It depends, really. Some of the best people at RCA do amazing things with ring lights.

They’re the perfect example. As many as eight people may have a single ring light that does an incredible job. Ring lights on the same ring as the ring lighting, even if it’s just one or two ring lights, can make a huge difference.

For example, you need a single ring light that can illuminate and direct ring lights for up to 6,000 spectators. I remember doing this at Madison Square Garden back in the 1990s.

Those ring lights weren’t enough to light the entire show that night, although they were quite good. I guess the ring lights weren’t enough — a single light alone couldn’t be doing all that.

If you use ring lights, you have to make sure the ring lights are a lot brighter than the ring itself, and that they’re bright enough to be used for a very long period of time. But it depends on what you want to build. A single ring light doesn’t do anything for you if the spectators aren’t going to be able to actually see your ringside action.

That’s when one of my favorite things to do is to have a bunch of ring lights arranged like this in the middle of a circle. I had ringside lighting up at MSG, and even though it was an hour before the show started, the ring lights were already being used by some of the wrestlers. In other words, the ring lights are already lighting the crowd up.
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When ring lights are used like this, they don’t really provide any illumination on the outside of the ring. They’ll make a bright glow and they’ll light the whole stage. If you surround the crowd with ring lights, though, it should mean a dramatic and visible difference in the sound and images of the show.

It took a while for you to get your hands on Ringlight Pro, but you finally started putting together the first generation of Ringlight Pro in late 2016, right? Is that a big leap in the time it takes to get everything done on a professional wrestling tour?

Yes, definitely. We made three or four big improvements, making it more portable. Then once Ringlight Pro was on the shelf for a few months, we decided we wanted to take it to the ring. We needed a new name, and then we needed to start building. We were already doing a lot of work with Ringlight Pro, so it was easy to