Can I Screenshot a video? – How To Hold A Camera Steady Without A Tripod

No Yes

What’s the maximum size of a video (JPEG)? 5 MB or higher or 6 MB or higher

What’s the maximum size of a photo (JPEG)? 4 MB or higher

How far can an image be zoomed? – Up to 1:2,000

How much zoom do I need? 16x

What size do the controls on the camera look like? (in the camera, under the viewfinder)

What do you normally zoom in on?

Why do I get a notification when the camera doesn’t support all the formats I wanted to play or take a selfie while recording a video, for example when using Video Mirroring?

Can my camera take a video while connected to a mobile network?

The camera button in the viewfinder takes you to the Camera menu instead of to a menu screen (there’s no button in this menu!)

Can I take video when I’m using a Bluetooth headset in the phone or an external monitor connected to my phone?

The audio is not sent back to the phone while you’re using the built-in microphone

I’ve used the “Show Menu in Other Apps” button, and it’s still “Show Menu”. Does that mean you’ve selected a menu, not a menu itself?

When you hit the shutter button the camera won’t shoot any pictures, it just takes audio or video (I’m pretty sure this is a bug with the phone).

If I move the camera outside of the screen and the camera goes all pixelated, it doesn’t go all pixelated when I go back to the scene that I captured on screen. I tried moving the camera out of the bottom part of the screen and it went all pixelated again.

The camera is really slow in taking videos, does that matter?

No I’ve been shooting 4K for a few days, and it works perfectly fine.

Does the camera have a front-facing camera?

Yes, it’s used for video mirroring and to show you the menu screen and to record video.

Does it have a rear-facing camera?


How much more data does it take for a video to be shot on a 1080p camera than a 720p camera?

When shooting at 720p you need a full 15mb/s or more in order to get a decent video. When shooting at 1080p you only need 14 or

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