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With a screen resolution of 720p, most iPhone’s won’t be able to take pictures at this resolution, so you need a dedicated camera application to display the picture on Apple’s mobile platforms. But if your smartphone has a 1080p screen, you might be able to take a screen shot. There are several camera apps available that can take pictures with the iPhone.

How to do iPhone Camera Shootouts Video

We’ve all tried iPhone screen shots and it can be really helpful when you get some good images so you can put them on your screen or post the images on your Facebook page. Here’s an easy way to find out how to capture the perfect image using iPhone.

We don’t know when we’ll learn about the next Star Wars movie, but one thing is for sure: It’ll be one with a lot of CGI.

The New York Daily News has confirmed the long rumored news of this new Star Wars film and while we’re excited to finally see what they made, they certainly don’t shy away from giving you a peek of that upcoming movie to help you get a feel for what’s in store for Star Wars in the future.

One thing to know about the upcoming Star Wars movie is that it will be completely CGI and it is currently unclear how many ships have actually been built. They also confirmed that an actress who played Princess Leia in one of the original Star Wars films will star as a Princess in the new film. This would make her the first woman to be in the lead role in a Star Wars film. What is interesting is that it’s the one of the biggest blockbusters that will be released in 2016.

This news has sparked fears that the next movie in the Star Wars franchise won’t be completely real, but we have to admit we have no idea what to expect from this new series of films. We don’t believe that the next Star Wars movie won’t be completely CGI, but who knows, right? We’re sure fans will still be excited about it and hope for the best, but this news should provide some comfort by reminding us that the future isn’t quite all that dark, at least in this one movie.

In the last three and a half years, the United States has spent about $1.5 trillion (in 2014 dollars), all of which has gone toward the fight against the Islamic State. The Obama administration has spent the vast majority of this money directly on the military, but the administration has not given any additional money to counter ISIS to date

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