How can I edit a video like a pro?

How can I edit a video like a pro?

First of all, if your video is not working then you need to check the issue page in the YouTube client to see if there is an update available for that video. Once you have a suggestion posted to the fix page, check the status of the issue first. Then make sure that the video is working as suggested.

Second, make sure that you have the latest version of your YouTube client for your device installed. If you are unable to download the latest update on your device, make sure that your account and the current video are in sync with each other.

Including a video

You must include the video you wish to add on to this page. If the video does not appear then it is probably due to an older version of your YouTube client. Make sure your video plays, is clean and hasn’t been edited yet.

To include a video, simply click on the video title of a video that you wish to include. If your video is not displayed make sure one of the two options is checked in the YouTube client’s advanced preferences.

Adding comments

You may want to include comments to your video. Simply click on your video in the play menu and select the new Comment. This will highlight comment boxes on the right side. Click the box marked ‘Click to Add Comment’. You can use the buttons to choose whether your comment will be visible for the duration of the video.

If your video is full screen, your comments will appear in the space next to your video and show you in a view that looks and feels like a real video. The view can be resized and scaled but you will still have to resize your video if you want to see your Comments. You will see a video that looks like real video if you resize the full screen view. It is also important to note that comments do not currently appear at the bottom of a YouTube video.

If your comments are not visible on the video, it could be because you have used the Add Comment option to add the video in a larger size. You can still use this option to change the resolution of the Comments if you wish, but your comment box will appear as it is on other videos.

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Adding video descriptions and subtitles

Click the video title of your video and select the ‘Text Description’ option.

When you do so, the text you have set in the Text Option appears to show on the bottom of your video.

Your video description and title can then be shown in