How do I make a video background?

How do I make a video background?

This is another question that comes up frequently to me, so I’m going to answer it here. The important thing to note about videos is that you want to have a background image that is larger than the window.

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If you don’t need every image to be larger than the window, just leave this option disabled.

If you want the background to occupy the entire window, put the images below the window. Make sure you put each one above the others, otherwise your wallpaper will get stretched or messed up.

You also need to know how many images to make, so you can estimate how to cut them down. For me, I generally get 8 images, but you can choose more if you’d like (and I usually make 7 or so). The most important thing is for each image to be larger than about 12em wide, and the background should be at least 30em tall.

There is another small tweak of the width for this, where the image only fills one side of the window, making it less distorted. This also makes everything look nicer.

For instance, when I have 3 different sizes and 8 different backgrounds, I do this:

#background 3 #background 2 #background 1 #background 3

Notice all of the background images are at least 6em tall, and I make them 12em wide. I put all 8 of the 8th images in this one single “column” on my screen to keep things nice and nice.

Now, take any of your images that you want to use and use an image organizer utility to sort them by size. Now that we have them sorted, cut everything that is smaller than 12em wide.

For instance, I cut 5 pictures down to 1 image.

This gives a nice flat, wide background image.

Now, cut the images down to only fill one side so they are much wider than the space of the window. Remember that you want to make sure your background to occupy the entire screen, at least 30em tall.

You use a text editor to cut down your images in any way that you’d like. For instance, I went with a little font of about 150pts that I cut down.

The next thing is to get rid of those little, skinny images.

To do this, just delete them completely from the images you use. This will make the wallpaper look nice, as the picture sizes won’t get corrupted.

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