How much does a 1 minute video cost?

How much does a 1 minute video cost?

At this time we have no pricing information, but expect it to range from $3.99/min to $9.99/min and the higher the quality the higher the cost!

How long will it take to develop!

Typically about 30-60-90 hours!

What are the possible features of the project?

The only feature the project currently has is a tutorial which is currently in progress. It will be updated and improved with each video. The demo is the beginning of a journey towards creating a fully featured app!

For the full list of what the project actually does for me, check out the FAQ below or click through the videos!

An official from the Australian Defence Force on Wednesday confirmed the body of an American sailor who fell ill on a flight to Adelaide is Australian.

The unidentified American, from North Carolina State, left his home in Virginia on Tuesday but suffered a heart attack on his return home. He was taken to military hospital.

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The Department of Defense confirmed a Canadian citizen, identified as Capt. Michael Scott Adams, 37, died on the aircraft. The deceased’s remains have been shipped to Ottawa.

American sailor falls ill in South Australia and dies. Photo: Justin McManus

“The U.S. has confirmed the death of a Canadian citizen, Capt. Michael Scott Adams, 37 years of age, whose remains have been returned to Canada,” a Department of Defense statement said.

“Canadian Armed Forces Major General David Fraser will take over command, ensuring the best possible care for his family and will be providing any assistance needed.”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has ordered an “urgent” investigation into the incident, in which the young sailor suffered cardiac arrest and died, and his family has been informed.

“I express my condolences to all the families and friends of the pilot of Flight 447 who fell ill on board and the entire Australian defence force,” Mr Abbott said in a statement on Wednesday.

Australian PM says he is ‘truly sorry’ for American’s family.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it will launch an audit into meat labelling and packaging in Nova Scotia in the fall.

The agency says the inquiry, to be led by the National Bureau of Investigation, is just one of several safety issues facing the pork industry in that province.

The audit is expected to look at whether pork products were labelled “free of” prohibited substances like antibiotics, and whether the food-