How much does a 1 minute video cost?

How much does a 1 minute video cost?

If not much, then what is required for this video? I am trying to figure that out

How do I download and play video? I do not have an account with YouTube so I have to sign all my videos in. I do not think this issue is a direct link to YouTube

Does this sound familiar? This is a recurring problem for me, but I’m not entirely sure. At the time of writing this article, I do not have any other options for downloading from this site that I did not already have in Windows or Mac. This isn’t even my first experience with YouTube Red or even of it overall. I have been subscribed since the day I bought Windows and Mac from the Microsoft Store. I do not subscribe to YouTube Red because I believe it is not an option on Windows, and certainly not a YouTube on Mac. It’s a great service, but I just simply can not go along with it.

Here is the YouTube Red app on Windows, from what I can gather:

And here is the YouTube Red app on a Mac using FireFox, which does not support YouTube Red.

This is a recurring issue for me as it is for many here. There are plenty of YouTube websites to subscribe to. But, if you do not have an account with YouTube, YouTube Red is a terrible service.

One option that should be available on Windows is YouTube Web, but it is not. I get it, I’ll try to fix the issue. But, if a workaround cannot be found, it may not be worth continuing.

As a non-tech-savvy person, I would love to hear feedback that you receive in regards to this issue from other users. I love the work that goes into the videos on this site. I will update this article with any further findings.

Update, May 21 3:10p EST (8:10p PST): As we continue to receive comments to this article, let me put this in a way that all of the comments posted in the title are not from me. There were multiple readers who were not only able to subscribe, but who had done so without issue. It’s a huge relief to me that someone from the outside the website could experience this issue, so