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To find out, you need to do some research. All of the most popular music apps on iOS and Android play music on your TV.

This is because the apps have to play a custom-written file called a radio file. This allows the apps to automatically play the exact same song over and over again for the entire video instead of having to manually decide which song to play.

Once you’ve found a radio file that plays music for your video, you can create a playlist in iTunes or by running iTunes on your computer, and the app will automatically download and play the music over again on your TV.

How can I watch some music while I’m working?

You can do just about anything on a TV, but you’ll want to make sure that what you’re viewing is truly part of the video. Music has a higher audio volume level than text, so it will have more impact on your TV’s sound and image quality.

To do this, download an app called AirPlay which works on most major platforms. From the AirPlay menu, choose Music.

Select a song to play in the background. Make sure you have the appropriate headphones plugged in before you start.
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That’s it. You’ll still be able to use the TV’s audio features, including AirPlay. If you’re using Netflix on a TV, you can also watch the Netflix app in the background while watching your video on the TV.

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