What is the cheapest 4k camera? – Cinematography Shots

That was hard to answer, and it was hard for me to answer. I decided to do a quick Google search on cheap 4k camera reviews in order to figure out if I should spend $1,000 or $500 on this camera. The results seemed to show a few camera manufacturers that came up with the cheapest, cheapest and at the time best ones.

At this point I had $750 left to spend, so if I were to spend $4,000 on this camera I would be able to take some pretty cool pictures.

My goal was to try and see how close it was possible to get to the same resolution as the Canon 500D.

So how did the Canon 500D answer this question?

Well you can find a comparison of its resolution on the Canon 500D page or see from it’s resolution and price that it performs pretty equal to the Nikon D750.

The Canon 500D has about 3 stops smaller pixels that the D750, but the D750 is about 1/2 of the price and less powerful at f/2.8

It’s camera doesn’t have any optical stabilizers, so when shooting at night you can get some really blurry pictures.

It’s small sensor means that I don’t have to keep track of the aperture and ISO, as well as knowing the ISO of each picture.

However, it’s not the best looking camera, and sometimes the bokeh and the sharpness of the image can be off.

If for some reason you want to use a lens that has a fixed F/2.8 maximum f/2.8 aperture on it, there are a number of options to choose from.

The Canon 500D is great for people who just want a high quality camera that can take sharp pictures. If you want more than that you will need to spend a few more thousand dollars, but you could certainly get more from other cameras if you wish!

Canon 500D Camera Specs:

Canon D750 Cameras – Size and Price Comparison

Now the price difference for the Canon 500d from the Nikon D750 is pretty significant, but so is the quality of the photos produced.

In order to compare the two cameras and show their differences on film it’s helpful to have a little bit of context for this comparison.

The camera I was using to do the comparison had a new release lens, and the price was about half what it is now

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