How did Blaine levitate?

How did Blaine levitate?

When it comes to the art of levitation, Blaine is pretty much the master of the field. The only problem is that some of his claims are based on nothing other than his own imagination.

Most of the time, it seems Blaine levitates by the power of his imagination, but on occasion he says he levitates at a higher level of consciousness. For example, in 1993, Blaine levitated with the aid of an imaginary friend named “Nostromo” who supposedly told him that his body was in a dream world and should be “pulling itself up.”

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When he first told the story, Nostromo’s presence was obvious and when Blaine levitated, we had to wonder if there was any truth to the dream story or if it was all just hyperbole. But when it was pointed out from Blaine that there isn’t really anything about the dream story that would have caused the body to move up, he seemed to lose the plot. But then he re-told the story to a skeptic on the website WorldNetDaily and that skeptical skeptic actually was impressed enough to believe the story. So then we had both Blaine’s story and the skepticism out in the open, it seemed. So, of course, he continued to claim the same thing.

In one report, Blaine says the dream didn’t have anything to do with him and that he simply was able to reach up like we do with our hands. That report has since been scrubbed from the internet (it’s not listed anywhere on the site) with the only note that the story of “Nostromo” was “unconfirmed” . When we tried to ask an expert at Blaine in 2008 we got the following response,

It’s not at all unusual for one to have multiple levels of

Blaine claimed that one level of reality is the subconscious, which doesn’t really work. In fact, a lot of his claims are based on the unconscious rather than on reality. Take for example his claim that he could float off the ground because of the “mental control” he had over himself. One of the “facts” he tries to convince people of is that he can move faster than a snail in your foot. However, it’s a totally bogus claim. How could it be? You could also get a speeding ticket just because you were too fast for your speed of thought. That really doesn’t make any sense. In any event, it’s