How do magic tricks magic? – 20 Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do

How do magic tricks magic? – 20 Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do

They can also cause problems for the person who is in the right frame of time to help. As a magician, I’m very good at controlling time.

And on top of that, I have a certain ability too as well.

I can give an advantage to a person who is in the right frame of time.

「As planned. It’s about time to start now」

If you say so, then the man in front of us started to move.

At the same time, the Magic Stone came within reach of my hand.

(Kahou! This is incredible! I’ve never seen anyone move out this fast while moving like this!)

It was incredible!

That man, as expected of the king himself, was able to move this fast while moving in the right frame of time.

It was a different level from the others as well.

With this, how much can that man break through?


「Ah, yes. That man’s attack was just too sharp. Although the strength of his magic was quite big, it is not the time to worry about it」

「Ah~ you’re right」

「The magic stone just came so fast, it was already too late to turn around」

「I see」

The man who was on the other side of us immediately made a decision.

The man on the right started to run. He ran as fast as he could run.

I can feel the air around us change as he runs. Even if you run at this speed, it is possible to become dizzy.

I was able to feel a familiar feeling.

The air seemed more dense and thick.

It was different from before. It felt as if the atmosphere was filled with more and more magical power as his air ran.

The air was becoming heavier and heavier, the wind felt heavier and more thickened.

「Kuho~!」 (T/N: I think he meant to say Kuaaaak!!. I’m going to make this T/N shorter).

I can hear a familiar voice coming from the man.

There’s no doubt in my mind.

The woman in front of me had done the same thing.


She’s being chased!

「I got the chance

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