How do you do the disappearing coin trick? – Easy Magic Tricks Troom Troom Select

How do you do the disappearing coin trick? – Easy Magic Tricks Troom Troom Select

1) Download a special application from the iPhone app store called iWallet. The application is for iPhone and is required to make the trick work.

2) Install the iWallet app

3) Find what address you want to pay using the application. Tap on the address, then select ‘Go’ to the next steps which will allow you to input and use an amount of dollars and then input the amounts of dollars you intend to pay.

4) Tap on ‘Accept’ to get the receipt and your coins!

So, this method allows you to use the coins even if you lose your smartphone and you have a receipt from one of the places or from other coins of a different currency (for example, Euros, GBP, etc) as long as you can still use the transaction amount of that coin for transferring to your original phone.

The second type of trick also allows you to make transfers on a non-phone smartphone and if a smartphone has a dedicated screen, it does not allow you to use that screen at all, it only allows you to see how much you own of a coin of that number.

You will need an ID card and wallet to make these transfer and the receipt from your smartphone. These are usually given out after an initial check for identification, where you can also see a receipt for the transaction in your account.

This trick allows you to make transfer without a bank account or a credit or debit card and even for small amounts. The app is free but requires you to download and activate it to use at least a $7.99 in-store payment.

For a list of mobile payment apps, visit:

iPhone app store

Android app store

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