How do you do the world’s best magic trick?

How do you do the world’s best magic trick?

I am the master of the world.

That is to say, the magic I perform is beyond imagination.

This is said in reference to my master at the temple in the old days of the Japanese samurai. He’s one of the very few people whose name has ever come up in the world over the ages. At that time there was a large-scale ritual, in which he would take his followers into an imaginary world that had been created by his own hand. There would be beautiful flowers and all kinds of animals who would give him special food. He’d talk with them, listen to their stories, and then, with his own fingers, he would carve them up. And then he’d use those precious precious things to make beautiful and precious things, and so on.

In the Japanese version I mentioned, the priest was a magician—and so were all of his assistants throughout the ceremony. He was really the wizard of the temple.

To think that that’s how it was in my day…

I could not remember the details of any of the other ones. Not because I was not curious about the details, but due to a special desire. I must have been the greatest man of that time because so many other people could not even understand how to spell and conjure words.

There were so many rituals that could be done.

Even in my childhood, I remember I once ran through a mountain forest in the Japanese countryside, so strong was the wind I couldn’t believe I could fly. I was almost hit by a car before I managed to come home. In a few days I managed to get into my grandfather’s house and tell him of this amazing feat that I could do. I also managed to find out that all the people who had passed away in the past seven or eight days suddenly started flying out of their graves and were now flying through the air before my eyes

They also appeared after I said that. As in, people started flying to their feet and flying off into the distance before I could even start explaining what I had done. In one instance, I was riding at a high rate of speed on a horse and ran full-tilt down a dirt road. Suddenly the ground was covered in red, blue, white, and black. It was not a natural phenomenon, just because I was driving along that stretch of road. It was such intense colors I thought I might have been hallucinating. It was only when I reached a very steep drop