How does a mentalist do it?

How does a mentalist do it?

By observing the mental states of the other side’s minds. This is an observation that is much easier to do and will be covered more in future articles. Once we’re all done it won’t be too difficult.

Now we’ve established how we will need to mentally view the other side. We’ve already covered how we should observe the actions of another entity (or mental states). Now we’ll look into how to observe their thoughts.

Observing another person’s mind means looking in to the inner workings of the thought that they think the most. This is how we learn to observe how the other person is actually thinking. Let me show you how.

How to be aware of another person’s mind

The first step in observing another person’s minds is to imagine what other mind it means to you when you think. Try to picture how it would seem like for you to observe that inner workings of the thoughts of another person with your mind’s eye.

Notice that the mind image I’ve created is different from the thoughts being thought. This is because of two things:

The other person is not present; this means that they’re not thinking to you as they go about their day. They have no idea how you’d observe them from their mind’s eye.

In order to be able to observe what each other’s minds are thinking, we need to be aware of the ‘senses’ of their minds, i.e. their mental objects. We already know how those are different from ourselves when it comes to our own. They are completely different. Let’s take a closer look, though.

For some people the ‘sensory’ of their own mind is ‘outer space’ or the ‘surface’, others, ‘inner space’ or ‘inside’. The ‘sensitivity’ or ‘perception’ of people’s minds are very different from ours as well. I’ll take a closer look on this, later.

Seeing another person’s mind (or mental object) requires observation through two senses. Those two senses are the eyesight of the person and the hearing of the mind. I’ll show you how to observe the other person through both of those senses.

1) Eyesight

In order to observe the other party’s mind without them being aware of it, we need to use our eyesight. The other person would be staring blankly at you, completely oblivious.

How to observe the other person’s eyesight: Observe their