Is levitation possible by human?

Is levitation possible by human?













I have spent the past 5 years researching this question. I took a huge amount of time, time that I now regret. Now, after having reviewed over 100 different research papers on the subject, I have come to believe that levitation can be accomplished, though only through human ingenuity.

1. A scientist named Arthur Eddington conducted a series of experiments on the subject, and they are extremely interesting. They reveal that the levitation of objects is actually the consequence of a phenomenon that occurs when molecules called “electrons” are released into a vacuum-filled chamber that does not provide any oxygen or nitrogen to those molecules.

The scientists discovered that when these “electrons” fall into the chamber, some become trapped in the chamber with the hydrogen atom(s). All of a sudden, the molecules are compressed and the atoms begin to rotate freely in the direction of force. Once these atoms start to spin, a small wave is created, which is what creates the vibration that causes the electrons to fall through the air into the chamber.

The scientists also discovered that because of the very small amount of oxygen in the air, they didn’t know exactly how the hydrogen atoms were released into the vacuum, however, they deduced that these atoms were released into the chamber through the magnetic field that surrounds the chamber. The scientists surmise that the magnetized electrons could have also been released during the release of helium atoms that were bound to the atoms in the chamber.

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This discovery of the effect of the magnetic field around the chamber has led many other scientists to investigate this new phenomenon, but none have yet been successful in this quest.

2. How levitation works?

To understand what I mean by “lunatic” (i.e. genius), imagine a box containing a number of rubber balls. Now imagine that there was a tiny little metal rod inserted into each of the rubber balls. The ball that was not in the box would not be able to spin. However, if you were to insert a metal rod (1-0-3-0-0-0-1-0-3-0-0-3) in the 1-0-3-0-0-1-0-3 rubber ball, then the